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Tired of stressing to find ways to entertain babies or toddlers?

We can’t wait to BRING THE FUN TO YOU 
with mobile softplay!

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Finding Entertainment for your PALS is Hard. We Know!

There are so many things that go into planning entertainment for your PALS. You want them to have the BEST time at their party, but you also want to enjoy this monumental occasion too! 

That’s where we come in! Taking care of all of your worries and not leaving you to fend for yourself.

Soft play helps with engagement and increased communication and helps children relax as they are in a closed-off and safe space. When a child is in a soft play area, all their senses are stimulated. Our soft play area is bright, colorful, and most importantly, a fun space where a child can be free to explore. Soft play is an environment that has soft surfaces and allows our youngest kids to play safely.

Playful Adventures LLC is devoted to designing extraordinary PLAY for ages 0-5 both indoors and outdoors. We make any event baby-friendly with our stylish and clean soft play.

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Hear From Our Special PALS

Briana Threat

Where do I even begin? Playful Adventures was the centerpiece of my daughter’s first birthday party. They were super professional and punctual. Before the event, I received a phone call asking about my event and even my child to get an idea of her likes. 

On the day of the event, they showed up on time with great energy and made sure everything was set up perfectly. They returned at the communicated time to break everything down. This made things so easy for my family and I. The price is beyond worth it. 

I have been telling any and everyone who is hosting a kid’s event about Playful Adventures. If you were looking for a sign to book, take this as just that. You won’t regret it!



As a Director, it warmed my heart to see my babies (students) explore through softplay. PAL had cleaning supplies on hand for the transition of classes which was amazing. My teachers were able to assess their students' gross and social development which was outstanding. This was an excellent idea and an awesome experience for us all, especially during the pandemic. #proudteachermoment

Nick Bell

While having my child was a monumental experience in itself, I knew the celebration for his first birthday would have to be one and the same. These being extraordinary times, I felt we had to take extraordinary measures to ensure not only were we being safe, but also fulfilling the fun meter for all of the little ones who were celebrating with us. That’s when I knew Playful Adventures was exactly the company we were looking for. I had never heard of a “traveling playground” before, but once I caught wind of the idea developing I knew it was genius and I HAD to book them! The staff was not only as friendly as they could be, but it was evident that they genuinely cared to provide the safest, fun-filled experience there is to offer. They even partied a little with us! They were punctual, professional, and simply pleasant to be around. If you’re looking for the most convenient, safe, clean, and exciting experience for your children, where kids can be kids I HIGHLY RECOMMEND booking Playful Adventures LLC.

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