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Our Promise

To transform any event space into a fun and 
safe environment for babies and toddlers.

Babies should not be limited to their physical abilities. Playful Adventures deliver, set up, breakdown and pick up all equipment for birthdays, play-dates, weddings, church events, and much more. Soft play equipment can enhance gross motor skills while providing a fun and safe environment. 

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Meet the Owner

Hi, My name is Daijia, and I am the owner of Playful Adventures. I am an NC Pre-K teacher, track and field coach, and mommy. Yep. I’m really busy but my journey has led me to the birth of Playful Adventures. How did Playful Adventures evolve? It all started with my son’s first birthday approaching, and I hadn’t found what I felt was the most meaningful and appropriate setting for his age that he would truly enjoy. I searched and searched for soft play in North Carolina and found nothing. I was in total SHOCK that I found nothing in the states. I knew I had to bring my idea to North Carolina. After months of researching and hard work, we are excited to bring you mobile soft play. Soft play is so unique and that’s exactly what I envisioned for my son’s first party. I’m so grateful for this discovery! I hope you guys enjoy your adventure with Playful Adventures. 

Love, Daijia

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Hi, it's Mya. I love to find cool rustic decor for my bedroom. I really enjoy working with Playful Adventures because I enjoy children. After I graduate I plan to become an occupational therapist for special needs children. Working with Playful Adventures will give me the perfect opportunity while I continue to study.

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Hi, I am Bria.  I am a toddler mom myself, every setup is simply unique and creates a play that never has a dull moment. I enjoy coffee, sparkly things, and smiling faces! 

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Hi, I am Tonda, the mother of PAL creative visionary and blessed to be a part of this journey; I enjoy reading and spending time with my family and friends. Book your event today so you and your little ones can enjoy a fun, joyous, and age-appropriate event while making long-lasting memories.

Meet the Team



Hey, I am Marcus the father of the owner and creator of PAL. I am proud to be a part of this awesome adventure. It brings me joy to see her happy and a greater joy to see the smiles and reactions to the families we serve. Book your event today so that you can experience this unimaginable joy as well.

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Hi there, my name is Lauryn and I am currently a working PAL. Fun fact about me is that I love ice cream! You should book with us because our soft play is unique, and a safe way to entertain your toddlers and young children. PAL helps children explore, and most importantly “WE BRING THE FUN TO YOU!”

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Kali & Nolan

HI. I’m Kali! My auntie is the owner of PAL. I love making new friends.


HI. I’m Nolan! My mommy is the owner of PAL. I love soft play.

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