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Our PALS Rock!

Thank you so much for stopping by; your little one is so grateful for you. Fill your little one’s life with adventures, not things.
If you're interested in booking a package for your PAL's party, just fill out the form below!

Booking Policy

$100 Booking fee to secure the date (non-refundable). The booking fee goes toward service. 

Cancellations are non-refundable; reschedule only.

Please have an alternate option for inclement weather; reschedule only.

Shaded areas are required for outdoor setups (Equipment gets hot).

Delivery fee may apply, send address for quote.

Three (3) hours time allotted.

$75 Refundable Cleaning Deposit - I understand I will only receive this refund if & only/ equipment is clean, not damaged, not stained, ball pit is completely in tact and balls left inside of ball pit at end of rental

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